Thursday, January 31, 2013

L4D2 Addon Campaign - It Seems To Be Happening!

Well, it does seem to be happening after all!  I've stopped working on my untitled CS:GO and TF2 maps for the time being to return to work on the Still-To-Be-Titled campaign.  When I last worked on this, the first map was almost finished, and the second was a good bit along.  Now I'm considering making this new work the first map, although that's up in the air; it could work as a second or even third map, depending on how I move things around... Currently, I have the survivors starting just outside, you guessed it, a hospital!  The main area is an atrium, which leads deeper into the complex, and then out the other side (you'll come out in the area pictured in the last screenshot I posted a couple of weeks ago - see below!).  Here's a Hammer screenshot of how the atrium area is shaping up.  It's very WIP.  Just sayin'...  :)

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Unknown said...

Looks like a cool setting, and I can see some nice opportunities for the Infected there! :D