Friday, February 19, 2010

Here It Goes... Again...

Alright, Version 7 will be available in about five minutes time.  Should be at least a few hours before a ton of holes get smashed through this one!  Thanks to all that have helped recently with bug reporting, play testing, etc.  I couldn't possibly do this without you guys...  Cheers!

Fixing Now...

Alright, haven't heard from Mik3 yet, but kithiero figured it out!  Thanks to him!  Making changes now.  Should have the fixed version ready soon...

Big Fix Coming Today...

Wow, so I'm going to have to do another version immediately...  I forgot to upload my custom horizon texture for the skybox.  I was so positive I had thought of everything!  Haha.  Also, right after uploading the new file, Mik3 and The Tuss found the nastiest exploit on the Hotel balcony.  Worst part is, I haven't actually talked to him still, so all I have is a brief explanation and the screenshots...  I tried to replicate it for ages, but can't figure it out!  In any case, I can't leave that in there.  I've fixed the skybox and a couple of new nav issues, and now I've added a couple of new custom overlays as well while waiting...  Some screens until I get this update going on:

Wow, that skyline is ugly!

Players can get behind the furniture block.  Obviously, this breaks things...

You can see from this angle the the chair is floating out there...  Ugh.

New door overlay...  Band used to practice at this place...

Woohoo!  Stevie graffiti!  Fresh from downtown Toronto!

More later when I figure this glitch out!  Cheers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

EFP Verion 6 Available Now!

Wow, all work, all the time...  And no blog posts!  Anyway, loads of stuff done this week:  Major changes to the nav mesh.  Fixed a couple of ladders and added a bunch more infected ladders.  Added a new Survival ammo cache in the back alley, but forgot to add health kits.  Haha, had to be something...  Changed the Hotel balcony so the Tank doesn't get stuck.  Along with a ton of other stuff.  All in all, a successful release, but still not final.  In any case the new nav alone was reason for another update.  More testing, next...

Friday, February 12, 2010

EFP Version 5 Out Today!

Get it now!  I've made even more changes to the Hotel balcony, as well as some other minor changes/additions.  I'm hoping it proves to be more difficult up there...  Also hoping that I can make this the last update prior to the Final release, so people don't get fed up with downloading it all the time...  :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EFP Version 4 Available Now On!!!

Alright, people, it's finally reached its permanent home at  You can download it here.  All future updates will be released through that site...  Make sure to update to the newest version!  Cheers!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Escape From Parkdale Poster

OK, so I'm too exhausted to actually get this new version together and uploaded tonight.  My brain is all over the place and I don't want to risk messing something up because I'm not paying proper attention.  So, first thing tomorrow I'll do that.  For now, here's the new poster:



Escape From Parkdale Wins WoLD 11-Day Winter Mapping Competition!

Woohoo!  What else can I say?  Here's the forum post.  Thanks to all who helped make this happen...  I really don't have a lot of time to think about it, as there's so much more work to be done to get the final version out the door...  Anyway, yay!  I'll have a the Beta v4 up and running on later on today.

Beta v4 & Launch On Tomorrow!

Screenshots tonight...!  Phew, I'm off to bed after this, that's for sure.  Got a TON of work done today.  I started with the problem that Survival was too easy on the Hotel balcony.  Spent quite some time building back into the hotel to make infected spawn areas behind the survivors.  Nice screens below.  Added another cache of gear on top of the complex for Survival mode as well.  Fixed nav (a lot). No errors.  Tested.  Director will just not spawn much at all from these new spots, even while marked obscured.  I screwed with things for another couple of hours.  Took a walk to cool down and get some beer.  Then it came to me:  why not take back instead of build out for Survival?  So I got rid of all the day's work and put boards over the windows in the last 2 hotel rooms that spawn in Survival only.  Some minor issues, but it seems to have increased the difficulty somewhat on the hotel balcony, so it's good for the Beta v4...

I also fixed up the CN Tower model so it's proportions are a little better.  Not saying they're final, but hey, it looks better!  Still have a lot to do in the skybox, in any case...

On to the screenshots...


The highlighted areas are the new ones I added for infected spawn zones.


Still having problems with bots and that Survivor down rope on the left.  New infected ladder on the right.

Added a new Survival mode base spot on the complex roof.


 This is what it ended up looking like after taking all that work out.  Huh.


First beauty shot.  Well, as beautiful as it gets until the skybox is properly finished...


First top-down in a while...  I like it from up here...


Oh, that same shot...  I keep taking it...


The Money Shot.  They wanted it, they got it.  I added the WoLD logo as well, cause that's why the map exists.  I'll make them both look better when I get better at it.  Haha.

Haven't taken this shot in a while.  Looks better now, I think.

And just in case I didn't take enough of these...  Here's one more!  Um, notice the CN Tower...  It's, uh, Toronto...

That's it for now.  Must sleep.  I'll pack this up and release it in the morning.

Monday, February 8, 2010

EFP Beta v3 Out Now! Survival Mode Plus More!

So I finally got the Beta v3 out tonight.  Download Escape From Parkdale Beta v3.  Survival Mode has been implemented, as well as a ton of other changes/additions.  I'll take some new screenshots soon and post them here.  Still a lot to do before the final version is released, but this beta version took a big bite out of it.  I've been lazy about blogging, but I'll try to post more often, to talk about what I'm doing and a bit about the process, etc.  Cheers!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Survival Mode Implemented, Success With Alpha Textures/Overlays

Got a lot done in the past couple of days.  Managed to implement Survival Mode in my test map, and then in Escape From Parkdale itself.  Also managed to figure out how to get the GIMP to save the alpha channel in targa files so I could make alpha textures as well.  I still miss Photoshop...  No screens yet, but later on or tomorrow I'll have some!