Wednesday, January 27, 2010

EFP Beta v2 Out Now!!!

Alright, so the .vpk issues remain unresolved, but 1SG.Heartless (many thanks!) was kind enough to point out that there's a work-around for the time being.  Basically you don't include the map files in the .vpk.  Instead you create the .vpk without them, then zip it up with the .bsp and .nav files separately.  The .vpk goes in the L4D2 addon folder as normal, map files go in the L4D2 maps folder.  Then everything works.  It'll do for now!

Here's the link to the temporary download site.  Follow the readme for installation instructions.  Can't put this up at because they only accept .vpk uploads, and that defeats the purpose.

I've created a Steam Group for the map, as well.  Hopefully this will help with getting some testing groups together.

Version 2 of the beta has a ton of changes from the original beta release at the end of the WoLD 11-Day Winter Mapping Contest.  Looks a lot better, plays a lot better.  Hope everybody enjoys it!



CrowbarSka said...

It's looking good! I downloaded it earlier and joined the Steam group. Will check it out soon.

What exactly was the issue with the VPK? Perhaps I can help as I managed to get mine working fine.

Oilcake said...

Hey! Here's what I sent to the L4Dmapper email list:

"Speaking of .vpk issues... I was doing a scavenge map for the World of Level Design's 11-Day Winter Mapping Contest. Part of the deal was to publish the map in at least beta form at the end of 11 days. Had I not been in the contest, I may not have released the map, because of all the .vpk issues people are having. I've been doing some homework, and I found this post from this list on Jan. 3. (Oddly I joined on Jan. 4, even though I should really have joined months ago). In any case here's a excerpt from the post by Chris Merritt:

Lobby starts, 8 people with the same version of the VPK file that the server has join the lobby, the lobby leader has the force dedicated server console command on so it gets the right server and starts the game up. Of the 8 people who try to join the game perhaps 2-4 will successfully make it, normally 2-3 people will crash out on the way into the first level (could be just th game freezes while loading, or the error occurs and says: "Engine

Error: exceeded limit of number of vpk files supported (128)!", and 1-2 will make it in but their whole game is in "wireframe" mode and they can see through walls etc, it's really bugged. This is a recurring theme, so even once you kick everyone who's crashed etc and they have rejoined the game, once the next map change occurs the same thing will happen again. There doesn't appear to be any theme to who gets kicked or whether they load in wireframe mode, get the engine error or make it in successfully, though on occasiona it may appear that one or two players may have the same thing happen to them every map change.

This is exactly what's happening to me..."

The work around is to pack the map files separately from the .vpk... I talk about it in this post. If there's a way to fix it before Valve does it's thing, I'd love to know! :)

CrowbarSka said...

Ah right. Yes that sounds like a bug on Valve's part! Sorry I can't be of more use, but at least you found a work around.