Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Fix Coming Today...

Wow, so I'm going to have to do another version immediately...  I forgot to upload my custom horizon texture for the skybox.  I was so positive I had thought of everything!  Haha.  Also, right after uploading the new file, Mik3 and The Tuss found the nastiest exploit on the Hotel balcony.  Worst part is, I haven't actually talked to him still, so all I have is a brief explanation and the screenshots...  I tried to replicate it for ages, but can't figure it out!  In any case, I can't leave that in there.  I've fixed the skybox and a couple of new nav issues, and now I've added a couple of new custom overlays as well while waiting...  Some screens until I get this update going on:

Wow, that skyline is ugly!

Players can get behind the furniture block.  Obviously, this breaks things...

You can see from this angle the the chair is floating out there...  Ugh.

New door overlay...  Band used to practice at this place...

Woohoo!  Stevie graffiti!  Fresh from downtown Toronto!

More later when I figure this glitch out!  Cheers!

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