Friday, May 7, 2010

New Shots From The WoLD Gampeplay Challenge!

Hey!  Thought it was time to put some screens up here, as well.  Pardon the quality...  Since the Passing, I haven't been able to run my graphics above medium or the game crashes to desktop.  Ugh.  Anyway, Here are the screens!

Interior of the last room before the safe room.  Safe room entrance is at the left of this shot.

 One of the outside sections.  Few more props now, starting to look like a map!  :)

Looking through one of the arches into the final area.  The wooden barricades on the left will be blown up in the event...

Event sequence:  1. Player presses button on C4 Remote Detonator.  2. Wooden barricade is destroyed, opening way to the safe room.  Onslaught begins.  3. A second later, the charge at the top if the fire escape goes off as well, blowing open the blocked door.  Survivors can now make their way to the safe room.

Some overhead shots.  Again, sorry about the quality, it's really kind of embarrassing...  Valve may force me to get a new computer sooner than I'd wanted to.  Ugh, again.

Overhead again...

And again!  :D

That's it for now.  Here's a link to the latest page of my WiP Thread over at World of Level Design.


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