Tuesday, February 22, 2011

L4D2 Scavenge/Survival Map Nearing Completion

First of all, some news about this blog.  It will soon become part of a bigger portfolio site, which I'll start on just as soon as I'm finished "Down On The Farm".  I'm seriously considering doing all my development updates through this blog after that, as opposed to posting on other sites.  I'm not sure about this idea yet, though.  I would still be posting on other sites, but just some occasional screens and things...  Anyway, we'll see!

For the time being, here's a few new screens from [L4D2] Down On The Farm.  I've been doing a lot of work on lighting, which still takes me a long time and many iterations to get right.  That said, I feel like I am actually getting better at it, which makes it all worth it!  I'll do the final detail and lighting passes next, I think.  After that, I'll get onto sound.  I haven't done a lot with audio in the game before, so this will be fun.  I've done a bunch of reading on soundscapes and some basic tests, so I don't think it will be too hard to achieve something I'm happy with.

There's not actually that much left to do on this map now, comparatively, at least!  Haha!  It shouldn't be too much longer in any case...


 As usual, the full dev thread with additional screens and commentary is over at the brand new WoLD forums.  Here's a link to the latest page of the thread.  Cheers!

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