Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Screens - Map Battle Project

Alright, as promised here are the first screens from my Map Battle 41 project.  For those that didn't click the link in my last post, Map Battle 41 is called Map Us A Song.  To start with, I chose a Loreena Mckennitt song, All Souls Night.  Oddly (or not) it's freely available on YouTube...  You can read the lyrics here.  You can buy it here or get the song alone on iTunes for $0.99...  Kithiero's suggestion was Angel Of Death by Slayer.  I think I'm gonna try that, too, after I'm finished this one.  Figured I'd start with the Celtic/World thing and ease on into the Metal later on...

For the record, all of this is built in Hammer using the Left 4 Dead SDK.  All props and textures are stock.

In any case, on to the screens...

Ignore the skybox crap in the second one, haven't finished that bit yet.  They kind of give an idea of where this is going, though.  I'll post some more tomorrow as work progresses.

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